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About Silver Lakes Golf Academy (SLGA)

Silver Lakes Golf Academy is an athlete performance development and player management centre.

Our main objective is to develop athletes to participate in confidence and highly competitive on Local, Amateur, National and International levels.

We offer a wide variety of golf and Academic Programmes. These opportunities combined with the wonderful weather of the Highveld, situated 1350 meters above sea level, provide the ideal environment for all levels of training, development and fun.




African Turf Managers Academy

  • Become a Internationally Qualified Course Manager (green keeper).
  • All turf grass areas, like e.g. golf courses, football fields, etc,
  • 2 year course.
  • Course includes: classes & lectures, notes, full country club membership with unlimited rounds at Silver Lakes CC,
    full range membership, golf coaching, mental conditioning, physical conditioning, kit.

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Tour Player Development Program

Player development packages can be tailored to each players need.

Introduction to Junior Golf

About the Program

"The mission of SNAG Golf is to get people physically active by introducing them to golf in a fun and easy way that encourages a lifetime of positive experiences and relationships. Through JNLL, it is hoped to address the demographic, geographic, economic, education and access barriers that prevent the masses from participating in this lifetime sport." – Jack Nicklaus

We combine our golf lessons with Fundamental Movement Skills, where the main focus lies on forming a good foundation to develop a good golf swing from through working on Agility, accuracy, balance, coronation & Speed, all of which is very important in any sport.

The program is based on the LTAD development program introduced for the first time by DR Istvan Balyi.

Jack Nicklaus Backs SNAG in the USA

In 2013, a national grassroots initiative in the USA to bring grass roots golf to millions of children and adults will be spearheaded by Jack Nicklaus and SNAG Golf in conjunction with the National Recreation and Parks Association (NRPA).

The Jack Nicklaus Learning Leagues (JNLL), using SNAG programming and equipment, will be rolled out in Parks and Recreation facilities in order to increase access to and engagement in the game of golf for young people and adults alike.

In an effort to be more competitive with other sports, golf will enter the team sport arena through parks and recreation facilities across the USA. JNLL will make golf and golf instruction available on a broader basis, and provide a safe, affordable, and accessible golf experience whilst developing a long-term sustainable model feeding into golf courses for future generations.

Nicklaus believes that the lack of a team element hinders the development of golf amongst kids. "The youngest shy away from golf, because there's no one to share responsibility with: It's all on their shoulders." Another barrier is golf's difficulty and its lack of easier-to-use kids' equipment. "In football, kids play with smaller footballs and shorter fields. In basketball, they start with a smaller ball and a shorter hoop. But often in golf, kids start the game with real equipment and real golf balls." Nicklaus goes on: "If adults think it's hard to connect with a tiny golf ball using a long stick, imagine how a 6-year-old feels?"

The Jack Nicklaus Learning Leagues will be separated by age category including ages 5-6, 7-8, 910 and 11-12 and special leagues, such as Active Adults. Each League will have age appropriate format and curriculum. JNLL will be conducted by parent-coaches on soccer fields and selected open space within Park and Recreation facilities around the country. These Leagues will provide quality instruction and progression for entry-level golfers to become engaged in the game of golf (in Jack's words "and make it fun") to the point where they are ready to transition to more traditional equipment at a golf course.

The mission of SNAG Golf is to get people physically active by introducing them to golf in a fun and easy way that encourages a lifetime of positive experiences and relationships. Through JNLL, it is hoped to address the demographic, geographic, economic, education and access barriers that prevent the masses from participating in this lifetime sport.

Whilst America has one of golf's greatest ever players getting behind SNAG and promoting it, SNAG in Europe is also pushing ahead to deliver golf coaching programmes to schools, groups and organisations in the inner cities to engage people of all ages and abilities and to introduce them to the game which for so long was regarded as a sport for the privileged minority.

International Golf Development is working hard to make golf more accessible to all by establishing short simple rough courses through their company European Golf. By utilising small areas of spare land, complete with realistic synthetic greens, they are helping to fulfil the longstanding vision of the ‘Father Figure' of the modern game – Sir Henry Cotton. Coupling these courses with the simple and easier to use SNAG equipment removes the frustration from the game and helps to develop the basic skills required to progress onto regular golf.

Perhaps though we should leave the final thought to Nicklaus: "There are few people in the game more traditional than I am, but I recognized long ago that our game needs change. We have been a sport that, historically, has been slow to change and adapt. Creativity, innovation, and a willingness—if not passion—for trying new things are paramount for change.

Junior Pathway to Golf

Click here or on the image below to download the Junior Pathway to Golf

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Junior Golf Academy

About Silver Lakes Junior Golf

It is our mission at Silver Lakes Junior Golf Academy to provide professional & enthusiastic training to all our junior participants.

Our committed and experienced coaching staff will inspire and educate the stars of tomorrow.

Our program also allows for fun, social interaction as well as learning and loving the game of golf.

Junior Group lessons

Juniors who started through the introduction phases at the Golf Academy will now move up the this level of coaching and generally speaking this level is very important to lay down the FUNdimentals for a good player things like movementskills, basics(correct grip, aim & stance) are still extremely important at this phase.

A lot of people think that once you have learnt the basic skills of a sport you immediately advance to a higher level of training etc. But this is often where we see people make the mistake with coaching children, they move on to more difficult skills too fast and that frustrates the children and often they stop participating because it is not FUN anymore. We saw some of the biggest successes in recent months because more and more children stayed in group lesson format for longer, until they are able to successfully master a skill.

Junior Individual Lessons

Juniors who succesfully master the skills required in the group lessons, who have become members of a golf club and often start participating in some or othe golf tournaments, need a bit more individual attention. In these individual lessons we use our years of coaching experience along with the swing phylosophy to individualy improve each player to his/her maximum potential, we utilise video analysis to demonstrate the problem areas in a players technique and also use it to compare with old technique to compare the technique of the old vs. new.

Ladies Golf

About Ladies Golf

The ladies section of the Silver Lakes Golf Academy allows for introduction to the game as well as development of skill.

Ladies will learn different techniques and methods to enhance performance.

Classes can be presented in groups on individuals basis.

Ladies sessions every day of the week at 9:30am. Saturdays at 9:30am.

R100 per session or R800 per month.

Program Example

Private Coaching & Coaches

Coach Andre BritsName: Andre Brits


  • National Diploma NQF Level 5 in Club Professional Golfing
  • PGA Professional – Class A
  • Snag Golf Instructor

Status: Active

Coaching experience: 4 years


  • Represented the province of Mpumalanga in Junior Golf from 2009-2012
  • Represented Centurion Golf Academy at University Sports of South Africa
  • Got awarded Best Student of Club Professional Golfing in 2015

Sjac WeidemanName: Sjac Weideman

Qualification: Completed PGA diploma though the PGASA

Status: Active

Coaching experience: 9 years


  • Studied at HPC Pretoria
  • Junior league captain since 2012 & League winners 2013
  • Biggest passion is developing junior golf, taking juniors from the grass roots level through to becoming competitive players as well as members



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