Golf Club

The Golf Club would like to encourage residents who are non-golfers to understand a bit more about golf. Before you go and buy your own set of golf clubs, please go to the Pro Shop where you can borrow a golf club at no charge and purchase a bucket of balls for the driving range. Who knows, this experience may just trigger your love for the game. If you are already a golfer, click here to book a round or to become a member.

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Memberships & Green Fees

Do you want to improve your game of golf? New members receive special discounts from the Golf Academy that is rated as one of the best in South Africa.

Golf Academy

Squash Club

There are two squash courts at the Silver Lakes Clubhouse. The courts are operated by an online court management system. To become a member, simply complete the application form and deposit money (a minimum of R20.00) into your squash account at the Pro Shop and you will be issued with a pin and member number.

How to use the management system:

Log on to using your pin and member number to register. All your squash bookings can be made and cancelled as you wish on the system. Your bookings will show on the screen at the squash courts.

Once you arrive please confirm that you have arrived by entering your pin number on the screen. You will be billed R20.00 per game for lights so please ensure that you have enough funds so that you can play whenever you wish. There is no penalty for a “no show” as with the tennis but we do request that players do not book for times that they will not be playing.

Squash can be played at any time during the day or night.
To enter at the main squash court door please enter your member number that was issued to you.

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Tennis Club

Three beautiful tennis courts are situated next to the clubhouse. The courts are operated by an online court management system. To become part of the tennis club you have to be a Silver Lakes resident.

To become a member, simply complete the application form at the Clubhouse reception and you will be issued with a pin and member number.

Bird Club

The varied habitats found in Silver Lakes support over 170 recorded bird species. The Bird Club regularly organizes not only fascinating speakers to address its members but also arranges local outings to interesting environs.

The Club is open to all residents who have an interest in birds and who have a love for the natural environment. You do not need to have any background or experience in birding, so grab your binoculars and give ‘birding’ a go.

Fishing Club

The Fishing Club has developed into a vibrant and dynamic Club. Only Club members may fish in the designated lakes and dams on the Estate. The dams in Silver Lakes are mainly stocked with bass, bream, carp and barbell.

All fish caught must be released. Various exciting events are organized by the Club throughout the year including competitions and weekends away.

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Fishing Club Rules
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Business Forum

The aim of the Business Forum is to facilitate networking between residents and to hold meetings to which prominent guests are invited to speak on matters of public interest.

Athletics Club

Our objective is to assist the casual runners, the serious runners and those who need the support to get going.

More information about the athletics club will be available soon.

Bridge Club

The number of members at the Bridge Club has grown steadily as it has been in operation for the past ten years and meets every Tuesday evening at the Clubhouse.

For more information contact:
082 490 1443

Photography Club

This is the perfect club for photography enthusiasts, a place where you can learn more about photography and also to share your knowledge and beautiful photos.

Contact us
for more information

CLUBHOUSE RECEPTION | 012 809 0282 |

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