When you have completed the form, press submit. You then have to visit the HOA offices for formal enrolment.






(if applicable)



  1. In applying for an access card or Biometric access and thereby gaining access to the Township as defined in the MOI of the Silver lakes Homeowners Association (“SLHOA”) and Rule 4.55, I declare that I/my minor enter the Township at my/our own risk and indemnify the SLHOA, its directors, employees, contractors and/or consultants against any claim and/or all and any actions of whatsoever nature which may result from my entering and/or residing in the said Township. An access card will be issued in the event of an unsuccessful fingerprint enrolment.
  2. The necessary consent and/or resolutions (in the case of a trusted individual applying a proof of residence must accompany this application. The Homeowner must accompany the trusted individual to the office for registration.
  3. Only original ID Book / Passport / Drivers Licenses are accepted. A copy of the ID Book / Passport / Driver’s License must be attached to the application form. A copy of the applicant’s driver’s license may be requested.
  4. Residents under the age of 18 years (Minors) must provide their learner’s or driver’s license to obtain access through the boom gates.
  5. All new tenants must provide a copy of their current lease agreement to the SLHOA.
  6. I agree to abide by the Rules of SLHOA and acknowledge that I have received a copy of the Rules.
  7. By signing this form I give my consent for the SLHOA to conduct a fingerprint security check. (NOT APPLICABLE FOR SILVER LAKES HOMEOWNERS OR TENANTS)
  8. I hereby acknowledge that I have been informed that I take sole responsibility for any consequences which may arise from me employing a foreign national without a valid workers permit.
  9. The cost per access for any trusted individual applying is R190.00 (Subject to change) and includes the Security Check. Lost, stolen or damaged cards must be replaced at the cost of R 106.00 (per ID card / Subject to change) or R 212.00 (per Electronic Card / Subject to change). Costs are not refundable and cards are not transferrable. Should I damage the card in any way I will be liable to pay the replacement cost thereof. The cost of access registration is R97.00. All copies will be charged at an additional R3.00

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