The long par 5 offers scenic views and abundant bird life. The hole also offers two tee shot options.

Most mid to high handicap players will aim for the left fairway, which runs out approximately 260m from the tee. The second shot can be a layup with a short iron just short of the small river that runs a little further down the fairway. This will leave approximately 120m to the green for the third shot. Alternatively, a more aggressive second shot over the river will leave a 30-60m pitch into the green, but be cautious of the large dam to the right of this fairway and the green.

The second option of the tee box is to play an accurate drive to the right island fairway which is surrounded by water. The fairway begins approximately 170m from the tee and runs out 295m from the tee. Tee shots landing on this island fairway will be awarded with a shorter 2nd shot to the green which will provide a great chance for a birdie or eagle. However, the second shot will need to be accurate because the large dam which guards the front and right of the green is more in play when you approach the green from the right.

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