Tree Removal Request Application Form

Please note: If you remove any tree/s from your sidewalk without the permission of the HOA and the Environmental Committee a penalty of R5,000.00 per tree will apply and that the cost of the replacement tree/s will be for the homeowner’s account.


If the application is approved, I undertake to plant an indigenous tree/s from the list below and acknowledge that the cost of the removal and replacement of the tree/s will be for my own account.

Once the form is completed it should be mailed to or handed in at the HOA reception desk for the attention of the Compliance Officer.

Your application will be submitted to our Horticulturist who will arrange to assess your tree/s and give a recommendation to The Environmental Committee.
The Environmental Committee meets once a month. If your application is approved you may proceed with the removing and replanting within 14 days after which a final inspection will be conducted by the Compliance Officer.


1. Heteropyxis natalensis (Lavender tree)
2. Kiggelaria aficana (Wild peach tree)
3. Buddleja saigna (False olive tree)
4. Dais cotinifolia (Pompom tree)
5. Apodytes dimidiate (White pear)
6. Pittosporum viridiflorum (Cheese wood)
7. Dombeya rotundifolia (Wild pear tree)
8. Indigofera jacunda (River indigo tree)
9. Heteromorpha arborescens var. abyssiniga (Parsley tree)
10. Bolusanthus speciosus (Tree wisteria)
11. Combretum erythrophyllum (River bush Willow)
12. Celtis Africana (White Stinkhout)
13. Searsia Lancea (Black Karee)
14. Olea europaea subsp. africana (Wild Olive)

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